About Us

If you wanted get model, how would you do it?

The famous lines, “Macintosh. For the rest of us!”, somehow heralded the advent of computing for everyone with the launch of the Macintosh in 1984. In the nearly thirty years since then, Apple has democratized computing and technology to such an extent, that it has become difficult to visualize people who do not use computers or mobiles or i-pod, or tabs. Apple contribution to making these technologies extremely ‘user friendly’ is unparalleled.

Today, Apple products like iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPod Touch and Macintosh, and its technologies command a user base that can be seen literally as a Cult! Each of these marked a turning point in how technology became progressively more central part of man’s life.

Apple has always had its die-hard users since its first release. folks worldwide have made Apple a productive and a fashionable gadget. Apple products like iMac, iPhone, iPad have become a part of day to day lives for many of us. “It simply works”!

KStore the only Ghanain Apple products Store available in Ghana and West Africa.

With assured availability of the entire range of Apple products, applications and accessories, users in Ghana can now have a place to buy and access support functions.

About Us

Opened in late 2018 at 335 Place, N1 North Dzorwulo, Accra – Ghana. KStore is the only Ghanaian Apple products Store available in Ghana and West Africa. At KStore, we sell and support most Apple products and applications as per Apple policies. Our support includes quick fixes, and extended troubleshooting with software/hardware. With a team of Apple certified technicians, we are geared up for in-store support as well as On-Site support for clients and users. All members of our staff have undergone training on Macintosh products and application, and this allows us to confidently offer in store support to any walk in user.